Sipro Stahl Schweiz

Sipro Stahl Schweiz, Hauptsitz in GeroldswilSIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ is an international group of companies based in Geroldswil (Zürich) that has been distributing long steel products through its sales companies with ever greater success for over 45 years.

Together with its sales companies, SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ has been in partnership with some of the largest European steel manufacturers for many years, such as the Beltrame Group (I) and the Venete Group (I).

SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ, at the moment, employs 35 co-workers and consists of the following operating sales companies:

SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ is a group of enterprises that faces the fascinating challenges of global competition. The name SIPRO is derived from the Italian term "prodotti siderurgici" (products from the steel industry) and is the trademark of our different companies in the long-product steel area. All companies of SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ are pure commercial companies that purchase steel directly from the manufacturers and resell it to a large variety of customers.

Our core business is the distribution of long products made of, high-grade steel, structural steel and special steel. We deliver our long products as semi-finished steel for the automobile, building and engineering industries, for warehouse trading companies or as finished components for the rail sector and large-scale industry.

Our sales territories include the German-speaking parts of Europe plus Benelux, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

The business culture of SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ is embossed with farsightedness, continuity and flexibility. The roots of the company reach back to the 1960’s. In 1968, Fred Wüthrich established the company SIPRO Siderprodukte AG (=INC.) and, beside a few co-worker shares, it is still in the family property today. By doing that, he put the cornerstone for all future companies of SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ and of SIPRO STAHL HOLDING AG.

With the years, SIPRO has farsightedly and with much skill, favoured the right steel partners and received the exclusive distribution rights for the German-speaking areas from the largest private Italian bar steel manufacturers such as Beltrame and Venete. With their Swiss-Italian personnel structure and open mentality, SIPRO has won more and more the respect and acceptance of the market and of their suppliers and has continuously increased their status and market shares.